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Mother Earth Organics

Providing a sustainable network of certified organic and Genetically Modified Organism free produce to rural communities and recognized food deserts through a strategic network of farmland in Georgia and North Carolina.


Our Strains

Mother Earth Organics has worked hard these past couple years to introduce a new line of products to our customers. We are introducing 4 new and potent strains in several forms! As our farm continues to grow so has impact on improving health and sustainability. Check out the 4 strains and countless new products now available at Mother Earth Organics.


Christmas 2023

We are anticipating an AKC liver spotted litter and a CKC black spotted litter this winter. If you are interesting in adopting a Dalmatian puppy stay tuned for more details!

The Farm


After being surrounded by 20 acres of black walnut trees, Mother Earth Organics will consist of 15 acres of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Don't forget to check on what we have in the field this week!

Commitment to Public Health

Mother Earth Organics makes a strategic public health effort to fight food insecurity all over Georgia!

The Face of the Farm

Ace and Queen provide the energy that keeps the farm going. Looking forward to their first litter of puppies December 2020! Follow them on Instagram:


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